The lane you choose seems tough. Nevertheless, sucess has been directly proportionate to enduring the suffering and being rough. You’re the product of your own occurrences. Nobody can change the thing. Everything has served a purpose either darkest or terrible. Conditioned yourself to believe that there is a Victor and looser within you. If you […]



Amazing 💐

The world is spherical as for the objects that we see from eyes and when we feel it from SOUL the SKIES enlarges and soaks up in knowing the wings that flies , that goes and comes back to imagination or to reality this needs to look up to..We are all created from this common […]


I hope you will find you

In the glittering nights when the denser forest throws autumn with falling leaves.. I hope you will find you..

When the blur morning will bell you with hazes.. I hope meadow grass wakes up with bliss of golden waves.. I hope you will find you..

Paths with no ways are actually ways to know you, will it make you to know that paths will cross as long as life will continue to move …..I hope you will find you.

Soul is a meaning to true beats , hearts fulfills its wish by becoming piano which know its beats ……I hope you will find you.

Finding noting in nothingness , knowing shore with calmness and in finding sorrow with chorus of self conscience….I hope you will find you

Ayushi Pandey🌸


Composition for all the love, to weave it to form self love which owes its freedom and get set to fly.

Composition for all the sunsets with mesmerising notes which beats to be better with every sunshine.

Composition for all the voices,which composes itself to form all true happenings, let it count from all the beginnings.

Composition for all the butterflies, which sat down to our window with widen horizons of birds to make clouds bright.

Composition for all the rainbows, for which rains not fall for sorry to cry but with every bow gets strength to make up to the skies.

Ayushi Pandey🌼🌼


Cravings are powerful temperaments of how we see all the good things..

Cravings is to know about acceptance, acceptance of who you are and what you ought to be..

Little is a matter of time, soul is a friend of life..

How the darkness can be shed, it is just all matter of finding lights.

Lights which lights up the room, lights which you seek to bloom..

All the joyous paths are not right, until you need to know the journey is not over it is slides of life..


Ayushi Pandey🦋


Wings, wings , wings which sings, sings and sings.

Wings for those clusters which see clouds to collect and create all structures.

Wings for those sounds which one can listen by beholding arms to know its stories.

Wings for miracles, miracles for strength, strength for wings to fly.

Wings allows itself to think deep about life and its people, wings by thinking about everything comes closure to know life of its wisdom.

Wings welcome itself, wings welcome others to see for themselves that sometimes flying is to be seen as walking … walking for miles… or miles which believes in itself.

Wings , wings, wings which sings , sings and sings

Ayushi Pandey❤


Metaphor for the words which sings and sways.

Metaphor for the words which sees good to write better.

Metaphor for the words of philosophy for the philosophy which believes true words can be learn from every story side.

Metaphor for the rains which showers love from skies, metaphor for the clouds which board its wings to hug butterflies.

Metaphor for the birds who reaches home after the dawn learning to go ahead in life.

Metaphor for the humans for which they dance through battles of their lives, they sings to true anthem of its nature sight.

Ayushi Pandey💞💞

Buds – that sees and reflects

How about to be a bud, a bud which gently whispers to wind of its side, other waves it with alongside.

How about to be a bud, a bud which strokes to reach at the height of flower, but its highness sees progress as a small steps of steps which counts and whistles..

How about to be a bud, a bud which dance with tunes of wind ..even get choked by thunders and yet get up back by rains..

How about to be a bud, a bud which thinks of showering human kind with flower- simply a flower – with wings of positivity which shines all around.

How about to be a bud, a bud which sees sunlight, sunsets, breezes and ways which folds- unfolds and still it chooses to come up with peace in chaos.. to find sunlight and to make lightening up all flower around..

Ayushi Pandey🌸🌸


Nowhere is where, where the now can be found.

Nowhere is where, where somehow we know moment of time of it’s now..

Nowhere is where, where humours are talks which surround goods around, where goods didn’t differentiate to beat better around..

Nowhere is where, joys of rain shower brings nature around, where flowers can pick any best friend around..

Nowhere is where, where ‘YOU’ and ‘I’ of vowel sound, where thought of good vibes cover blissful forever to be ever for now..

Ayushi Pandey